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How to prevent theft in the landscape industry – A story about LDC Groups

Apr 22, 2021 | Press

LDC Groups was featured in Landscape Management Magazine, the biggest trade publication for our industry, in their article from April 19, 2021 titled – How to prevent theft in the landscape industry.

As we have mentioned in some of our previous blog posts, one of the ways LDC Groups ensures that our clients receive world class value and service is by installing GPS tracking devices in all of our vehicles and equipment.

The details covered in this article about our experience with equipment theft is exactly why we do this.

“My wife was looking at the GPS on my phone to see where they were,” Cohea says. “We’re in the north Georgia mountains at this point, and I had her call 911. We’re letting the police know, ‘Now they’re going down this road. Now they’re going down that road.’ I was heading their direction when I saw the mini ex crest over the top of a hill and the blue lights behind it. I was like, ‘Oh my God, they turned around — they’re coming back this way!’”

Cohea pulled into a church parking lot to let the action come toward him. The rental truck pulling the mini ex was refusing to pull over. A police SUV whipped in front of the truck to force the thieves to stop.

“It was slower than O.J. (Simpson). Man, it was hilarious,” Cohea says, laughing. “Of course, I missed the (record) button on my (phone) video. They had guns pulled and everything.”

Quoted from the April 19, 2021 Article in Landscape Management Magazine

We encourage you to take a moment and read the full article over at Landcape Management Magazine.